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U7s - Match Report


(Liz Greening 07/10/2019)

Congleton Rovers JFC U7s  Vs  Frodsham JFC Town 1st Game   (Score Withheld)

(Match Date: Saturday 5th October 2019)
Luckily there was a break within this week’s heavy rain forecast to allow the players to enjoy their first matches without any issues. The players all arrived at a similar time sporting their brand new Rovers kits, sponsored by ‘Goal Coaching’. Whilst the kits still looked smart and clean, a team photo was taken to help cement the memories of this glorious occasion for the young players. The pictures looked great until the two managers (Andy and Chris) decided to stand with the team, almost breaking several cameras with their physical appearance...

Once all of the paparazzi had cleared from the pitch area, the managers called out the names for each of the two starting teams and the warm ups began.

Match 1:

Before the match began, a line up and a respectful handshake took place between the players of each team. Following this, the players dropped back into their starting diamond formation, ready for the match to begin.

The match saw plenty of action from both sides, mainly in the Frodsham half of the pitch. Although Frodsham were moving the ball well between their players, the Rover’s front 3 of Ollie, Dexter, and Martha worked vigorously to close them down, forcing them to make mistakes.

On a few occasions, the Frodsham team broke free and bared down on the Rovers goal, causing problems. However, Captain William calmly stood tall to many of these attacks, pinching the ball from the opposition and passing the ball out from defense with effortless grace.

In the second half, Dexter replaced Xander in goals, whilst Harry and Jude replaced Ollie and William. The captain’s armband was given to Martha as she always leads by example. The second half played out very similar to the first half, with the Rovers players showing grit and determination to win the ball back whenever Frodsham were in possession.

At the final whistle, all players shook hands as a sign of respect and joined their managers for a summary of the game.

Congratulations to Dexter, Ollie, and Martha for scoring their first league goals for the club.